Hello CCDE Candidates!

I am extremely proud and humbled to have recently taken over the delivery of CCDE training from my CCDE mentor Jeremy Filliben, who for over 10 years has been a globally recognised, highly respected pioneer and leading CCDE instructor.  

He has helped hundreds of students in reaching their goals by obtaining the CCDE certification since 2010 through his comprehensive, world class training and support, where I can vouch for this as a former student in 2015 and beyond.

Jeremy has decided to explore other ventures and has selected me to take over the reins in the delivery of his existing content, but I will also evolve the content to be in line with the new CCDE version 3 curriculum.

Instructor-led content delivered by Jeremy is now being reviewed to ensure any updates are incorporated to bring the content in line with the CCDE version 3 exam deliverables.  Further updates will be communicated via my social media profiles.

Self paced scenario based exams are still available for students to purchase HERE where support will be provided by me to students from September 2021 onwards.

Please bear with us whilst we work in the background to ensure a smooth transition in respect to purchasing and delivery of the training content.

As most people who know me already know, my focus is on quality with everything that I do and before re-launching the training it has to be high quality to ensure that students are receiving excellent training, but more importantly to me it has to do Jeremy's legacy justice.

Feel free to send an email to [email protected] or connect with me on Social Media on LinkedIn or Twitter to stay in touch with further announcements.

More info to follow soon about training availability.

Best Wishes

Malcolm Booden

CCDE 20170037